Gone Fishing

This weekend (11/3, 11/4 and 11/5) I will not be doing any Markets. I am in Seattle doing some salmon fishing. I’ll see you Fri, 11/10, at the Downtown San Jose Market. Inshallah (G-d willing).


Halal Fest 2017

Hala Fest 0.jpg

I sold out of Bean Pies at the Halal Fest this past Sat. and had to bake more pies Sunday morning for the second day of a two day Festival and sold all of the Bean Pies Sunday. It was a very successful event for all of the vendors involved.

A special shout-out to Irfan Rydhan (event coordinator) and all of his crew for a wonderful time had by all of those who attended and vended.

BE on the  lookout for Halal Fest 2018 next year!

A Pie for the undecided

There are those who cannot decide between the Bean Pie and the Carrot Pie.So I have created a pie that is both Bean and Carrot. I call this the “Carrotbean Pie”.If you come to the  Evergreen Farmers Market any Sunday or the Santa Teresa Farmers Market  any Saturday I will give you a free sample of both (carrot and bean) pies and let you decide.

I will also give a $1.00 discount on any item purchased if you just acknowledge this post by filling out and submitting the form below.

             carrot pieslicw

Bean Pie

Shopping Bags

Just a reminder to bring your own shopping bag to the Farmers Market. Plastic bags with handles are no longer permitted by the Santa Clara Department of Environmental Health. Or bring biodegradable bags. Also bringing small bills (smaller than 20’s) is a good habit to acquire.

2014-08-03 11.34.12