My lil Sister teaching a Bean Pie Class

The place to be is at one or all of the following Farmers’ Markets. Here you can find the best farm fresh and organic fruits and vegetables that California has to offer. Check out wild Alaskan salmon, Veggie Wraps and don’t miss Ra’oof’s San Jose Bean and Carrot Pies. These pies are the talk of the town; a sweet desert some say similar to the sweet potato and pumpkin pies. You decide!

Mac and Me

Congressman McNerney and me


Now we are participating in the following markets:

Down Town San Jose Farmers’ Market Every Fri. from 10:00Am to 2:00Pm. CLOSED FOR THE SEASON

Evergreen Farmers’Market Every Sun.  from 9:00Am to 1:00Pm Year-round.

Santa Teresa Farmers Market Every Sat. from 10:00Am to 2:00Pm Year-round.

VA Palo Alto Farmers’ Market Every Wed. from 10:Am to 2:00Pm  (Starting May 6th the new hour will be 9:00Am to 1:00Pm)

DOWNTOWN SAN LEANDRO FARMERS’ MARKET    Every Wed. from 4:00Pm to 8:00Pm

 Bean Pie making

Bean Pie Slice

Carrot Pie Slice

‘Ask your favorite restaurant for

Ra’oofs’ San Jose

Bean and Carrot Pies’.

If they don’t have it; have them call 408.583.8129 to order.

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